Our Story

Welcome to Seven Sands. A gastronomic pleasure inspired by the rich culture and history of the Emirates.

Since the beginning of time, food and eating has taken its place as the central activity of all of mankind and one of the most significant trademarks of any culture. Like pizza is to Italy, truffles to France and saffron to Persia, we want the world and our guests to discover the UAE through our cuisine. At Seven Sands, food is never only about satisfying the appetite. It’s about sharing, about honesty, and above all, it’s about identity. We couldn’t agree more.

Owned by Dubai World Trade Centre, the Emirati cuisine specialists, Seven Sands represents a blend of ethnic flavours and inspirations. With an unsurpassed reputation catering to royal events and celebrity galas, there are great expectations surrounding Seven Sands.We hope to live up to every single one of them from starter to dessert.

Our History

The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven regions, each with a variation in culture, tradition and cuisine. Seven Sands is a celebration of all the seven Emirates and the rich heritage and values that unite this nation as a whole.

As desert, mountain and coastal people, we have been shaped by so much. Not least of all the wandering, trading and bartering nature that has made us a community of sharers right from the very beginning. Our heritage and history is defined by this generosity and for us, there is no greater joy than to remain true to this sentiment. It is with warmth and pleasure that we invite you to dine at our table.

Ahlan wa sahlan.

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