However far we move forward, we will always respect where we came from. This land, this region, and the produce we receive from it.

Emirati cuisine is composed of recipes handed down from one generation to the next and shared amongst friends. Steeped in oral tradition, they are truly communal and our chefs are no different. Coming from various backgrounds, the kitchen is abuzz with conversation and opinion, all in the interests of enhancing the taste and experience we offer.

Set in a beautiful seaside location, Seven Sands is an effortless presentation of the traditional and the new. Authentic cuisine served in a quintessentially modern, light and contemporary Dubai setting. It is our mission to offer you an unforgettable exploration of our rich culinary traditions. Local recipes. Local produce. But always, extraordinary taste.

Meet the Chef

Chef Rabah Samra was supposed to be an engineer. But then gastronomy found him. He remembers the day well. He was with friends at a hotel in Damascus when his food epiphany came to him. He watched enthralled as dish after beautiful dish came carried on high from the kitchens. The energy. The intensity. He knew his calling when he saw it. The rest as they say is history.

Engineering’s loss has been the restaurant world’s gain. Chef Samra pursued his culinary dream at some of the region’s leading hotels and restaurants until finally arriving at Seven Sands where he leads the kitchens. With a reputation as impressive as his achievements, Chef Samra brings his love and passion for food to our table.

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